Initial Coin Offering

Gas Limit: 200000


Buy ENM Tokens With Ethereum. Store Tokens & Sell For Benefit. Feel Free To Register

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How to purchase ENM?
You can purchase and store ENM Tokens with MetaMask.
Please register with us for free in order to get started.

When ENM Tokens will be available in exchanges?
ENM Tokens will be available in exchanges right after ICO.

Will ENM Token price increase?
We can’t promise that as it totally depends on the floating.

How to sell ENM Tokens?
You can exchange ENM tokens for Ethereum.
You will get equal amount of Ethereum in your Ethereum Wallet.

How to sell EMN Tokens for fiat?
We have P2P platform, where you can sell ENM Tokens for Fiat.

Will I get landing interest if I store ENM in my wallet?
There is no such offer available from our end.
Benefits and losses totally depend on floating of ENM.
You can sell your tokens for higher price whenever price increase.
But if floating decrease, then you will get lower price for your token sale.

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